Recklessly Alive - From Suicide Attempt to Abundant Life

    Nobody should have to go through life feeling broken, hopeless, and alone.
    The week following my last suicide attempt in 2011, I asked God to show me how to use all the pain I’ve experienced to help other people. This blog—my public journal towards a life that is fully and recklessly alive—is one of his many answers.

    Vanessa McDaniel - I survived a suicide attempt

    Today I don’t want to die. Three days ago, I did. Last night, it was a little iffy. It changes. I just have to hang on until this wave is better, because it always does get better. It does. It always gets better.

    Teen Surprised to Wake Up in E.R. after Suicide Attempt

    Though she was a Christian and attended church, Cally never developed a deep relationship with God. When teenage life became overwhelming, she took the matter into her own hands.