As we’ve traveled in ministry occasionally we have been invited to stay in the homes of various church members or pastors. These occasions have always been the highlight of our journey.

Hospitality is not a profession or a burden, but a blessing to both the visiting party and to your family.
 The biblical examples and expectations are numerous and the promise of blessings are equally encouraging.

Pagiel and Dave have decided that in our ministry travel, we will rely on the kindness and hospitality of God’s people for our needs. There are multiple benefits for this decision. Firstly and practically is cost. The expense of eating out and securing hotel rooms becomes painfully prohibitive, and honestly, unhealthy.  The greater benefit is the blessing of connecting with the people of God around this country where we have the privilege of visiting.

If you choose to allow us to visit and share our journey with you we will place our lives in your hands while we are there.
 We do not need to be entertained. We simply need a bed, shower and occasionally something to eat.  Your conversation and open home will be all the blessing we could ask.

If you have noisy children – all the better. 
Our needs are few, but the blessings are great.
 So, go ahead, invite us to your church, school, small group, youth event, or any other meeting where we can share what God has done.  Our experiences and stories go far beyond a 20 or 30 minute presentation. We would be happy to share with you and encourage your family during our travels.

Where will we go?

We will go anywhere God calls us.  Usually that means you call us first.

If you have a church we are willing to take the whole speaking session.  Pagiel will tell the incredible story of God’s restoration and transformation in his life, then Dave will wrap up with a challenge from Scripture.

Ideally we like to do a 10 day tour.  If you are interested in having us visit your group we might ask you to get together with other area groups or church leaders.  
If we can do a Sunday morning in one church, and a Sunday evening in another church, with some mid-week gatherings, youth groups, schools, or other organizations, that would be ideal.  Then another Sunday morning and Sunday evening at two more churches.
  So, the perfect scenario?  Four churches on two Sunday’s with an event or two in-between.

But don’t let that hinder you from asking.  We will come, just for you.  We like to say, “it’s all about the one.”  God knows who needs to hear these words of encouragement, we will go where he sends us.

As long as everybody is within a few hours drive time, that works out great.  Feel free to move us around with a couple different host families also.

Invite Us to your church or event